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Best Office Chair For Short Person With Back Pain (In 2021)

Best Office Chair For Short Person With Back Pain

A lot of workplace chairs are developed to accommodate an average frame. If you are small or brief in stature (under 5′ 3″ for women and under 5′ 8″ for men), your so called ergonomic chair could be exacerbating your existing aches and pains– or possibly developing new ones.

In this guide we have a look at all the crucial ergonomic factors that short individuals require to focus on when selecting an ergonomic chair, followed by a thorough list of the best workplace chairs for brief people. All of these chairs are properly sized in the crucial areas that make all the distinction for brief people, from seat depth, height, to seat pan width.

Please note that we will be using terms such as “brief”, “shorter” or “small” to explain people that are under the statistically average height for men and women. This post will not concentrate on chairs for little people, or people with dwarfism.

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Most Important Features in an Office Chair for Short People.

If you’re short or small-framed, your choice of workplace chair is going to be limited. The one universal factor to consider to remember when you’re petite is adjustability.
Seat Depth

If a chair’s seat pan is unfathomable, it can trigger flow problems for brief individuals, as your legs will be hanging off the floor and applying excessive pressure to the soft underside of your thighs.

For much shorter individuals, we recommend a seat depth of around 18″ or less. It needs to likewise be depth adjustable to allow further personalization.

To compute the perfect seat depth on your own, in a seated position, measure the distance from the end of your butt to the end of your inner thighs. There must be 2 ″ of area between the back of the knees and the seat of the chair. The best seat depth leaves that space at the end of the seat’s edge to prevent cutting off flow in your thighs.
Seat Height

The seat height of an average office chair is adjustable in between 18″ -22″. If you’re short, look for a chair that can at least be reduced to 18″ and even lower. Fortunately is, seat height is not nearly as important as seat depth for short individuals, as you can constantly just utilize a footrest if the chair doesn’t go low enough for you.

Correct seat pan height can be determined by sitting in your chair and computing the distance from the floor to the backs of your knees. Make sure to consider the thickness of your shoes as this can affect your measurements.
Back Height and Forward Tilt

The back-rest should be adjustable to fulfill your height requirements. Preferably, it needs to likewise have the ability to tilt forward– this avoids you having to perch precariously on the edge of your seat and including pressure to your lower back.
Lumbar Support

Your back-rest needs to adapt to support your lower back. Depending upon the seat depth, a back support that is depth adjustable may be necessary to guarantee it satisfies your back completely to support it.

The chair’s armrests ought to be totally adjustable, specifically width smart to bring them closer to your body. It may appear apparent, however ensure they are well cushioned too. Difficult armrests can overtime pinch the ulnar nerves in the bony part of your elbows, leading to cubital tunnel syndrome.

With those requirements out of the way, the following are the very best workplace chairs for brief individuals that satisfy most if not all of the criteria set out.
Best Office Chairs for Short People at a Glance

Herman Miller Aeron Chair– Best Overall for Short People
SIDIZ T50– Runner’s Up for Short People
Hbada Task Chair– Best Budget Chair Option
Rimiking Home Task Chair– Excellent Fabric Option
Steelcase Amia Task Chair– Most Versatile Armrests
Sidiz Children Chair– Smallest Size for Really Petite Users
Superjare Drafting Chair– Best Drafting Chair for Short People

Best Office Chair For Short Person With Back Pain 2021

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size A.

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair Review.

Adjustable Height Range (from seat to floor): 14.75-19″.
Seat Width: 25.75 ″.
Seat Depth: 15 3/4″.
Seat Depth Adjustable: No.

It’s uncommon that an office chair is available in three various sizes to accommodate a wider variety of users– consisting of the more small crowd. However, we’re discussing the Aeron, the pinnacle of ergonomic and comfy sitting.

The Aeron is available in sizes A, B and C, with A being the tiniest. Size A has a seat height range of 15-19″, which is recommended for somebody who determines 4′ 10-5′ 9″ and weighs in between 90-150 lbs. This is a wonderful variety for much shorter employees in desperate requirement of ergonomic support. If you’re somewhat larger than that, go for Size B instead.

Users are supported through a wide range of motion in this chair, whether reclining or leaning forward. An adjustable seat and backrest offer 8 “latitudinal zones” of varying stress to hold you when seated, in addition to a tilt limiter with seat angle change. No matter how brief you believe you are, this chair has actually got your back.

The Aeron also boasts adjustable specific pads in the backrest that can change lower for petite sitters and offer back support to your spinal column while keeping the natural forward tilt of your pelvis. The outcome is a firmer and more effective seating position. One user claimed that these individual pads are a significant enhancement over standard lumbar support and supplied him with additional convenience in the sacro location.

There are a host of cushy extras on this chair that are beneficial to shorter people. Upholstered foam arm pads are completely adjustable in height, depth and angle– perfect for narrower frames. A mesh chair back means that no matter how low your smaller sized figure rests, the complimentary air circulation regulates your body temperature.

All of the convenience and top-tier style functions do come at a cost. Some might discover the cost point excessive, however this chair is a financial investment piece, as evidenced by the 12-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re petite and looking for holistic comfort backed by years of expert engineering, we think you’ll keep it forever.

Specific back-rest pads for increased back assistance.
Forward tilt capability.
High tech fabric and mesh with 8 different stress zones.
Readily available in smaller size (Size A).
Made of 53% recycled products.


Seat depth not adjustable.
More expensive than other workplace chairs.

Inspect Latest Price and User Reviews on Amazon.


SIDIZ T50 Office Chair review.

Adjustable Height Range (from seat to flooring): 15″ to 19″.
Seat Width: 18.5″.
Seat Depth: 18.3″– 21 ″.
Seat Depth Adjustable: Yes.

Sidiz estimates that 1 T50 chair is offered every 1.3 minutes. A fan favorite of IBM, the T50 uses full ergonomic style, fully-adjustable features that benefit individuals with smaller frames, and fantastic worth for the cash. In fact, the Sidiz made our list of among the very best Aeron Chair alternatives.

The Sidiz T50 is the only chair on this list other than the Herman Miller Aeron to support forward tilting. In addition to the waterfall seat edge, this assists enormously in eliminating pressure under the thighs and hips when seated. One owner who has chronic back pain credits the forward tilt function for easing his lower pain in the back too.

The robust seat height variety with a minimum height of 15″ must likewise be music to small people’s ears. In our evaluation, our editor who is 5′ 4 ″ discovered the chair’s height variety on the Sidiz T50 just perfect:.

The adjustable seat depth on the Sidiz T5 is another invited edition for individuals with much shorter legs. It can be set to a 18.3 ″ depth, which should be adequate for most people in the 5 ′ variety to prevent the edge of the seat from cutting off circulation.

All in all the Sidiz T50 is an outstanding mid variety ergonomic chair for brief individuals. The fabric product may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and the seat cushion is a little firm. For moderate sitting nevertheless, it’s an outstanding choice.

Compares perfectly with the Aeron chair at a portion of the cost.
3-way adjustable arms (up/down, left/right, in/out).
Adjustable seat depth and forward tilting.
Breathable mesh back.


Some users report a clicking noise in the mechanism under the chair.
Seat cushioning on the thin side.

Inspect Latest Price and User Reviews on Amazon.

Hbada Task Chair.

Adjustable Height Range (from seat to flooring): 16 ″ to 19.75″.
Seat Width: 19.25 ″.
Seat Depth: 19 ″.
Seat Depth Adjustable: No.

For petite individuals on a spending plan, the Hbada Task Chair is a safe bet, and in fact is one of our associate editor Michelle’s favorite chairs of 2020. It’s not almost as adjustable as higher end chairs, though the dimensions and key features will serve little individuals well for moderate sitting.

The Hbada includes an ultra low minimum seat height of 16 ″. In her review of the chair, our editor Michelle who is 5′ 4 ″ had the ability to rest both feet easily on the ground without night decreasing the seat to its most affordable setting.

While the back support on the Hbada is fixed, the mesh backrest is wide and encouraging. The armrests can also flip up, which lets you tuck the chair under the desk quickly when not in use.

The Hbada task chair does fail on a number of fronts as an ergonomic workplace chair. First is the inability to lock the angle of the back-rest. The chair does tilt/ rock as much as 30 degrees however. Second of all, like a lot of workplace chairs with turn up arms, the ones on the Hbada not height adjustable.

At the end of the day, the Hbada task chair isn’t the most ergonomic office chair out there. However, as an office chair for small users on a budget plan, it is one of the best choices currently out there. And for that it should have a strong put on this list.

Really economical.
Lightweight and easy to walk around.
Back-rest mesh feels strong and channels air well.
Comfy seat and low seat height for small users.


Backrest only tilts and does not recline (lock into location).
Armrests are not height adjustable.

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Rimiking Home Task Chair.
Rimiking Home Task Chair Review.

Adjustable Height Range (from seat to floor): 14.5″ to 18.15″.
Seat Width: 19.7″.
Seat Depth: 17.3.
Seat Depth Adjustable: Yes.

With a little, contemporary profile and plush fabric upholstery, Rimiking has developed a contemporary, classy job chair that might not win any ergonomic awards, however is especially suited for small people.

The height range can change as low as 14.5″, so there ought to be no concerns with your legs hanging off the floor– even without heels! While the seat depth isn’t adjustable, given that it’s only 17.3″, really assists encourage appropriate posture in petite frames. One owner states the chair is incredibly comfy and goes low enough for her small desk, unlike all other chairs she’s attempted.

This chair provides a full range of movement with 360-degree swivel abilities. When paired with durable casters and lower seat height (so your feet can in fact touch the floor), it encourages multitasking and smooth movement from one work area to another. Sadly, there isn’t much in the method of other modifications such as backrest tilt or recline.

Brief person trying to find simple-straightforward convenience to finish fundamental jobs will find that this chair has them covered.

Chair decreases to an incredible 14.5 ″.
Easy to assemble, less than 15 minutes.
Comfortable, warm material upholstery.


No armrests.
Back-rest does not tilt.

Examine Latest Price and User Reviews on Amazon.
Steelcase Amia Task Chair.
Steelcase Amia Task Chair Review.

Adjustable Height Range (from seat to floor): 16 ″– 21 ″.
Seat Width: 19.25 ″.
Seat Depth: 15.5– 18.5 ″.
Seat Depth Adjustable: Yes.

If there was a best chair for brief individuals out of package, the Steelcase Amia may simply be it. From the chair’s ultra robust lumbar support, flexible range of height changes, to seat pan width and depth that are tailor produced much shorter individuals, this is the chair to get if cash is no item.

The trademark of the Amia chair is theLiveLumbar ™ system in the chair’s back-rest. What does this mean for their petite followers? It indicates this is a chair that contours to your specific frame, with adjustable seat depth (15.5-18.5″) and a flexible seat edge, which eliminates pressure on the back of shorter legs when you recline or sit forward. The seat width is narrower than other chairs (19.25″) and will not trigger blood circulation problems if you’re shorter.

One customer said that “vertically challenged” people like her would actually take advantage of this model. As a result of using the Amia, she no longer has an unpleasant backache at the end of her day.

The height range decreases to 16″ at its lowest point, which is ideal for smaller frames, and sets well with the adjustable and flexible backrest system. Both permit constant lower back support regardless of your daily motion.

Steelcase has actually likewise included 4-way adjustable armrests: side-to-side, up and down, back and forth and side pivoting. This quantity of personalized modification provides individuals who are more small full control over the width and height of their arm support.

While the Amia is priced at the higher end of most job chairs, the Amia’s style and performance will serve the requirements of its much shorter customers for several years to come.

Livelumbar innovation, best seat height and measurements for shorter people.
Armrests adjust 4 methods for full convenience and even weight circulation on much shorter frames.
Weight evaluated and can hold up to 300 lbs.
Offers a 10-year warranty.


As a brief individual, you have additional convenience concerns to contend with when picking an office chair. Remember, you’ll possibly be using your chair for more than 8 hours, so it’s essential to know not just the seating measurements, however your own too.

Thankfully, the companies we’ve listed have all recognized the value of preventing an “typical” chair suited for the masses. While it takes an additional little research study, finding a chair with the best assistance features and sturdy framework for your petite frame can carry you through the expert work day and beyond in style and convenience.